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Complete Suite Of SIP and VoIP Products/Services

There are three broad categories of IP based Voice communications that are compliant with the FCC Final Rule On Technology Replacement (Oct 2015).  They are Premised Based systems, Fully Hosted VoIP Cloud Based systems, and Hybrid systems, which combine the advantages of the other two.  We have the expertise to identify, not only which of these types is best for your particular enterprise, but which specific solutions within that category drives the most cost out of your business while protecting and enhancing your image with your customers.


CS Vizion revolutionizes the power of the cloud to help companies across the nation to work smarter, radically improving the way they partner with customers and co-workers.

We deliver innovative solutions that enable agility in new product development, manage costs out of business operations and gain insight from performance data, helping you meet the needs of you and your customers.

All Monitored, analyzed, and all of your Customer Service calls and issues with your providers are handled for you, by our staff, 24/7/365.

Network Pre Assessment

Businesses continue to deploy sensitive voice and data services, such as VoIP and Citrix applications, making the health and stability of the existing local network a critical concern.  It would definitely be a poor decision to use a VoIP system on a network that is not optimized and will cause ongoing problems.  We perform a no cost, no obligation, Network Pre Assessment for businesses who have not yet migrated to a FCC Compliant IP based phone service or have another sensitive application in its road map such as video, etc.  

WAN Monitoring With

Trouble Resolution

CS Vizion goes beyond the traditional "reaction-only" event management.  We provide 24/7 WAN/LAN network monitoring, expert analyses, diagnostics, and  total Customer Service for our customers.  We monitor networks such as internet circuits, etc., for leading indicators of trouble, before quality issues occur, then contact your providers and work with them until trouble resolution is completed.  Our monitoring with Trouble Resolution is provider agnostic.  Our customer don't sit on hold with Internet or Phone customer service calls ever again.

Cloud And Network Solutions

It's no secret that businesses of all sizes are migrating their operations to harness the benefits of the cloud:  streamlined management and maintenance, lower operational overhead, increased productivity, collaboration and flexibility with anywhere, anytime access to mission-critical apps and mobility support, via any connected device.  As a trusted Cloud Technology Consultant, we provide the best solution for your business.  Contact us for personalized solutions for Small Businesses, Single Location Enterprise Businesses, and Multi-Location Enterprise Businesses.

Video Solutions

We deliver conferencing technology that gives your organization the power to connect and collaborate effectively.  Our history of video conferencing innovation has evolved to include all the modern ways enterprises meet - video, audio, and web.  Through an integration of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones with easy to use cloud based conferencing software, we deliver a meeting experience like no other.  Our mission is to connect people to make their workplaces great.  And we are happy to let you take the credit for the improved meeting culture and productivity.

Call Center Solutions

Deliver flawless Service with a dynamic cloud based Call Center Solution.  Identify Inefficiencies and best practices with real-time reporting and call monitoring.  When you are confident in your support, your customers will be too.  See customer details before picking up the phone through enhanced caller ID and screen pops.  Drive customer loyalty with personalized conversations.  Provide 25% faster resolution using skills based routing and automated workflows to empower your agents to quickly solve every issue.  Make the service experience effortless.

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